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JUNE 19TH, 2019

Two years ago, I went all in with my art. 

Today, I released my first print. 

What a journey it has been since I decided to give my work an honest shot at turning into something more. For years, painting is something that I never prioritized and pushed to the side. I assumed it would always be there if I wanted to pursue it, but really, I questioned if the pursuit was even possible. 

A few notable lessons I've picked up along the way:

- Progress takes time. A lot of time. Remember to keep track of all the little victories along the way.

- Sometimes you’ll hate everything you create, and that’s okay. Self-doubt is normal and lessens in frequency as you go.  There's always going to be that tiny voice of resistance inside your head. Find the things that quiet it. 

- Breaks are important and necessary. Sometimes you’ll welcome them with open arms. Other times, not so much. 

- Your work is not a reflection of your worth. Remember this especially when you are frustrated or experiencing a creative block.

- The only person who can measure the amount of energy and resources you've exerted is yourself. 

- If someone tries to defer you from following your passion, it's a reflection of their own hesitation and fears. 

- Be realistic about your timeline and how long it'll take to reach your definition of success.

- Don't let said timeline discourage you from starting. If you are discouraged, try to pinpoint why. Challenge and reframe the thoughts or beliefs that arise. 

- Be persistent, but forgive yourself for the times when you're not feeling your best. 

- Expect to question why you're doing this many, many times. Do it anyway.

I'm extremely grateful for all the support I've received throughout this journey. I'm nowhere near where I want to be, but this is also where I expect to be based on my timeline. Steadily progressing and working towards a goal I still believe in, and that's all that matters. With that said, "Splash" can be found in my shop. It is the first of many that I hope to produce. 

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