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About the Artist

I believe a painting can transform and breathe life into any room. That it is impossible for two people to view a work of art and feel the same thing. What may have no effect on one, may feel like the weight of the world to another.  


My goal is the latter.


I create art that emits bold energy, intended to draw the viewer in with bright, sweeping strokes. Created from the heart, my work comes from a place of vulnerability and honesty. I paint what I feel, with the belief that the emotions displayed are universal ones experienced by all. Something that declares, I am not afraid to feel, despite what I have felt. 


My process is intuitive and organic. The fewer thoughts or planning before starting a painting, the better. I work best when faced with a blank canvas with no expectations. I begin a piece by impulsively placing marks on the canvas, allowing my mind to wander as my hands and brush dance. There is no holding back nor second-guessing. After the initial first stage is complete, I take a step back and strategically place each stroke to complement another. Each mark builds upon the next, refining as I go. I continue until the piece feels complete, which I define as boldly showcasing movement and various layers for the eyes to explore. 


I wholeheartedly appreciate you stopping by to taste a glimpse of my journey. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to hear from you! 

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