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Welcome to my inner world.

I like to think that the things you loved as a child eventually find a way back to you. For me, it's always been art. From colored pencils and scented markers to creating my first abstract painting in high school, art has always been a way to explore the feelings that leave you tongue-tied.

Things like melancholy and sonder - the realization that each human lives a life as complex as your own. In many cases, words fail to grasp the heartbreak and triumphant victories of living. Art has always, without fail, been a way to fill that gap.

Photography by Somerbliss

It's given me an avenue to navigate some of the toughest moments of my life. A gift of expression when words fall short, a gift of catharsis when you realize letting go is far more difficult than holding on. 


Through each piece, I hope to inspire you to embrace the full spectrum of the human experience.


To celebrate life's complexities and find solace in the shared beauty and challenges of our existenceTo feel every emotion without judgment. Because at the end of the day, showing compassion to yourself is the most profound act of kindness you can offer.

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